Ron Aspinwall was elected as the Portcullis Club Chairman in 2013. He first became involved with the club through his father Geoff Aspinwall who was ex-RAF and a long standing member.

"I was honoured to be elected as chairman for the Portcullis Club - Since 2013, my committee & I have kept to the aims of the RAF Association; raising funds & support for the RAF family."
~ Ron Aspinwall
Chairman, RAFA Portcullis Club

With the help of his committee, numerous improvements have been made to the club and its premises; staying true to the aim of the club when it was first formed in the early 70s, the club has grown to become, once again, an integral part of the local community as well as generating funds and awareness for RAF Association. The club is proud to be part of the local community and be involved with the preservation of the historic Kenley Airfield.

Many of you will have met Ron at the club most Sunday afternoons (usually seen with his dalmatian dog Nina) or on Tuesday evenings. If you are new to the club, please say hello.