Geoff Aspinwall was a member of the Portcullis Club for many years and was usually present at the club on Sundays. Born 0n 19th July 1921, he is one of the ex-RAF members who flew in Coastal Command during WW2. After service in the RAF, he joined SKYWAYS charter airline and flew commercially until the Government requisitioned all aircraft to assist in the supply of food and materials to Berlin.

He flew Lancastrian, York, and Skymaster aircraft, up to 3 times a day, between Wunsdorf and Gateau carrying petrol, potatoes, and coal, to keep the Berliners from starving and their city falling into Russian hands.

In 1951, he joined the family business in Coulsdon and decided to take up sailing as a pastime. He built a 30’ sloop in 1970 and sailed it to the Azores and back in 1975. When he retired in 1986, he sailed his 34’ sloop across the Bay of Biscay and into the Mediterranean. The boat was moored on the Costa Blanca, Spain, for 6 years and during this time, he sailed to Ibiza, Majorca, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily.

He also completed an Atlantic crossing delivering a 40’ sailing boat from Spain to Miami via the Azores and Antigua.

Geoff passed away on 27th January 2015 at the age of 93. He is deeply missed by all of us here at the Portcullis Club. May you rest in peace.