On 6th August, David Mitchell and Ron Aspinwall visited the Spitfire Hangar on Biggin Hill Aerodrome. The visit was arranged by Geoff Sumner who organised the visit with John Parfitt (whom Geoff had previously met at the War & Peace Revival Show some years ago). John shows guests around the hangar where they restore, repair, build, and service all types of WW2 fighter aircraft.

John met them at 10am and introduced them to engineers and technicians working on various aircraft; several Spitfires were in different stages of assembly and three were in flying condition including one 2-seater training Spitfire. This aircraft is available for hire to give 20-minute flights for a fee of £2750.

David commented that when he flew Hurricanes and Spitfires, he couldn’t remember them being “that big!!!”

John then took them to the Spitfire café in Biggin Hill where Sally O’Connor, the owner showed them around the amazing collection of Battle of Britain memorabilia she has gathered from customers and friends over the years. She is a very active fundraiser for RAFA and a great supporter of all things RAF.

The last stop on the tour was the Chapel of Remembrance on the edge of the airfield dedicated to all those who lost their lives while serving at Biggin during the war. Plaques and memorials are engraved with the names of pilots from all over the Commonwealth plus those from Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, and Norway.

Here is a selection of photos from their visit. Click on an image to view a larger version.