A Few Words From Our New Wings Organiser: Cynthia Roach

At the Annual General Meeting of RAFA it was agreed that I would take over the Wings Appeal fund-raising on the departure of Evelyn and Hartmut who are returning home to Germany to be able to spend more quality time with their expanding family.

I have been organising various fund-raising events for Schools and now Charities for many years and am certainly looking forward to the challenge. I cannot do this on my own so I am looking to all of those who can, to support as many events as possible not only with the ‘Brew for the Few’ but also with the street and store collections. It can be great fun and you can do as much or as little as you can manage.

We have two events already planned for Saturday 10 June and Saturday 19 August at the Portcullis Club at 12 noon. Eamon will be there with his delicious ‘Fish & Chips’ which will be followed by a talk on a subject of interest. There will also be a ‘Brew for the Few’ in the autumn. More information later.

"Well, what a hard act to follow as Evelyn has done an extremely excellent job over the many years, but as we say in the ‘Girl Guides’ – “I will promise to do my best”.
Evelyn has handed me her very ‘perfect’ filing system so no excuse for mishaps."
~ Cynthia Roach

Looking forward to seeing you on the 10 June.
Cynthia Roach
Wings Appeal Organiser